S.L.A.A. Resources


Free Literature:

Characteristics of Sex Love Addiction Pamphlet

The 40 Questions of S.L.A.A. Sheet

Signs of Recovery

Group Starter Kit (for new meetings)

Order Literature:

Contact: literature@slaa-seattle.org

Literature order form:  Excel

Or order at the Intergroup Meeting

Fellowship-Wide Services (F.W.S.):

FELLOWSHIP -WIDE SERVICES (F.W.S.) - Worldwide SLAA and Administrative Office

The Twelve Concepts for World Service of S.L.A.A.

Find Meetings:

Puget Sound Meetings

S.L.A.A. in Vancouver, BC
Hotline: (604) 629-8153

S.L.A.A. in Victoria, BC
Hotline: (250) 592-1916