Giving Back To Our Community

SLAA is a community of volunteers who give their time and effort to keep our program and meetings running. These include those who read the script at our meetings, maintain our supply of literature and phone lists, attend monthly intergroup business meetings, those who greet new members, and many more! By giving back our services to other members and meetings, we become a part of this fellowship and gain much from our experiences.

At the intergroup level, volunteers bring SLAA business from other meetings, keep our phone lines and our PO Box open, offer reduced prices on literature for other meetings, and maintain our website and write articles like this one. One or two members from the local SLAA meetings are selected to represent our groups at the Annual Business Meeting every year, and our annual retreats need coordinators, planners, and workshop leaders to put on great activities every year. We are thankful for everyone who volunteers for the benefit of all of us in recovery!