A Higher Power Of Our Personal Understanding

What is the meaning of life? Is there something out there? What is our purpose here? If you find the answers to any of these questions, please let us know.

Spirituality does not come naturally to many of us when we entered the rooms. Our quest for a power greater that ourselves is really a quest to understand and find purpose to our lives. While it may seem abstract compared to the other four major resources we rely on for recovery, it is no less important than any of them.

A note on spirituality and religion: we use the word “God” in many of our meetings. When we say “God,” we mean “A Higher Power of Our Personal Understanding.” In addition, many SLAA members turn to a religion or organized faith for answers to spiritual questions. Participation in organized religion is not required for success in managing and defeating our addictions.

Many of us have found faith in nature, the stars, the world itself, energy, or spirits. Some have found faith in the recovery literature and others find a faith in members in the meetings who have travelled the twelve steps before them. Some have changed faiths in their pursuit of their answers, and others have created their own. No approach is better than any other and all are accepted.

See our secular meetings and recovery literature for more information on spirituality.