Staying Connected Keeps Us Sober

Choosing a meeting to attend can be initially overwhelming. There are men’s and women’s only meetings in addition to those based on different parts of the program (such as sexual and emotional anorexia recovery and book study). Newcomers are recommended to find meetings that fit into their schedules and needs.

Meetings provide an open space for SLAA members to share their experience, strength and hope in addition to talking about their struggles by “getting current.” This is an open and safe space for members to share what is in their minds and hearts openly and without shame. Many meetings reserve time for newcomers to share if they wish.

Making phone calls to other members in the program helps us stay sober and make friends. Feel free to pick up phone lists from our meetings to keep in contact with other members.

In SLAA, sponsors are other trusted members who have a good degree of personal recovery from their behaviors and have grown as individuals by working the twelve steps of recovery. They have experience working with many different people, behaviors, and programs. A sponsor is someone a newcomer can trust to guide them through the twelve steps and help them recover from Sex and Love Addiction. A newcomer asking another member to sponsor them is a significant step on the road to recovery.